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About Reflexology
REFLEXOLOGY is a specialised type of hand/ foot massage. The reflexologist will use her hands to stimulate points/ reflexes that have been mapped out onto the hands/feet. This encourages free flow of energy which in turn encourages the body to rebalance itself. It is a very relaxing treatment that helps to calm and relax both the body and the mind. It does not claim to cure but rather helps the body to heal itself. It is not a diagnostic treatment. As this treatment requires no clothing to be removed besides socks and shoes it is ideal for children and helps to reinforce positive touch.

What Conditions Can it Help?
It is considered to be a " balancing treatment" and seems to work well for any condition involving congestion and/or inflammation. For example:
Headaches/ migraine,
Sinus problems
Skin problems like eczema
Digestive problems like IBS
Period and infertility problems

Some women have found it beneficial in "taking the edge off" of many of the symptoms associated with menopause/ peri - menopause.

As it is a very relaxing treatment it also works well to calm anxiety .

REFLEXOLOGY & ONCOLOGY , it is one of the most popular choices of complementary therapy among people with cancer. Many clients find it helps them to cope with stress and anxiety as well as helping to relieve pain and to lift their mood.

REFLEXOLOGY FOR CONCEPTION AND MATERNITY aims to optimise the health and well-being of clients . Sessions can help reduce the stress and anxiety that is often associated with trying to conceive whether naturally or with allopathic treatments such as IVF. Reflexology techniques will be adapted for different stages and can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy and as a preparation for labour.

REFLEXOLOGY FOR MENOPAUSE, offers additional reflexology techniques and lifestyle advice for supporting women (peri menopause and menopausal) through the menopause Empowering women to be the best they can be. 

MINDFUL REFLEXOLOGY aims to support clients suffering with stress, anxiety and depression. Good mental health can bring big benefits to your physical health and quality of life.

REFLEXOLOGY LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (RLD) is a reflexology technique that focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes. This sequence has been developed and researched by Sally Kay while she was working in cancer care. I have been fortunate enough to be trained by Sally and have found that RLD has added a whole new dimension to my work.
It is a very gentle treatment which aims to activate the lymphatic system which has numerous functions some of which included destroying damaged cells, fighting infection and removing excess fluid from body tissue.
In addition to its great success in improving secondary lymphodema, RLD may also benefit autoimmune conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions such as premenstrual syndrome.
There is no cure for lymphodema however simple steps can be taken to help limit it from developing or getting worse, these include skincare, mild exercise, compression, MLD and RLD.

About Reflexology. reflexology re sized

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