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Frequently asked questions

Will reflexology treatment tickle?
No. A firm yet gentle pressure is used to massage the hands or feet. You may experience tenderness at certain points/ reflex areas during the treatment which often implies an imbalance at that point/ reflex.
Some clients experience a tingling sensation elsewhere in their body, this indicates energy flow and is considered to be a good response.

Are there any reasons that I should avoid massage or reflexology?
If you have a recent history of a stroke, heart attack, blood clot, diabetes, recent surgery (within 6 months) or are experiencing any undiagnosed pain then you should seek medical advice before having massage/ reflexology.
If you are or have previously received treatment for cancer ( surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy) it is advisable that you speak to the clinician responsible for your care/ treatment before embarking on reflexology/massage to help manage symptoms.

Is it safe for you to receive massage or reflexology when you are pregnant?
There is no research that suggests there are risks to receiving massage/ reflexology in the early stages of pregnancy but it is advisable to receive treatments after 12 weeks gestation.

What should I wear for my session?
Something comfortable and easy to change into if you are having a massage. During the massage you will be covered by a large towel at all times (only the part of your body being massaged will be exposed) to preserve your modesty.

What are payment options?
I accept cash or bank transfers as I do not have facilities to accept cards.

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